A. Municipalities

1. Municipal Designer Support

Predl Systems provides a library of drawings in both PDF and native Autocad DWG file formats, which municipalities may download to assist in the design of standards and specifications for their Sanitary and Wastewater Sewage Utility. On a case-by-case basis, peer-to-peer collaboration is available to enhance existing drawings or create new drawings to address the municipalities’ specific requirements. Standard drawings in the PDF file format are available for downloading on demand. Municipalities may register with Predl Systems online and download native Autocad drawings in the DWG file format. Municipalities may also upload their drawings to Predl Systems’ engineering department for review. As required, Predl Systems may provide custom engineering drawings to address unique requirements of a municipal jurisdiction, which has standardized with and sole-sourced Predl Systems’ Liner Systems products.

2. Manhole Rehabilitation
Municipal Maintenance Department Employee Training

Predl Systems provides consultation, training, field supervision and support directly with the management and the service employees who deliver technical maintenance services for the municipal sanitary and wastewater collection system.

Predl Systems has developed proven methods for permanently rehabilitating failing manholes with corroded concrete structures using base and wall liner products with self-consolidating grout. Typically, after the municipality has completed its due diligence and accepted Predl Systems’ detailed rehabilitation plan, 2 – 3 manholes with a critical need for repair are selected by the municipality for a proof of concept demonstration project. Predl Systems personnel can take a lead role in the first manhole rehabilitation project with the hands-on assistance of the municipal employees. In the second manhole rehabilitation project, the municipal staff can take the lead role with field supervision directly from a Predl Systems manhole rehabilitation expert.

Municipal collection system maintenance management and service technicians are professionally trained to independently plan and fully implement complete manhole rehabilitation projects. Liner System products may be purchased by the municipality, or by the municipalities’ third party contractor, directly from Predl Systems. Training includes:

    1) How to accurately specify manhole base liner main and lateral inlet angles, invert elevations, slope percentages and the size and type of pipes so that Predl can manufacture a base liner with the correct inlet channel layout;
    2) How to install a lined manhole base with wall liners or how to install wall liners for installation over a live flow;
    3) How to install the specified cover design and watertight collar at the required road elevation.

Predl Systems will provide comprehensive guidance regarding the best extrusion welding equipment to purchase and on-the-job training for the effective field welding methods to produce watertight liner joints that eliminate groundwater infiltration and maintain the permanent barrier to isolate the restored concrete structure from the effluent flow of the sanitary sewer.

Click image to view gallery. View or download the complete PDF drawings in the Download Center or DWG drawings in the Designer Login.


31.PDF - 42 Inch Diameter Wall Liner Rehab City of Abbotsford


31.1.PDF - 42 Inch Diameter Wall Liner Rehab City of Abbotsford


31.2.PDF - 42 Inch Diameter Wall Liner Rehab Support Tool - City of Abbotsford


31.3.PDF - 42 Inch Diameter Wall Liner Rehab City of Abbotsford


31.4.PDF - 42 Inch Diameter Wall Liner Rehab City of Abbotsford

1-31-2006 011
1-31-2006 012
1-31-2006 015
1-31-2006 017
1-31-2006 021
1-31-2006 024
1-31-2006 025
1-31-2006 026
1-31-2006 027
1-31-2006 029
1-31-2006 030
1-31-2006 032
1-31-2006 033
Nixon72 rehab Port Orange (3)
Nixon72 rehab Port Orange (4)
Nixon72 rehab Port Orange (5)
Nixon72 rehab Port Orange (6)

B. Precasters

New Manhole Construction
Concrete Manhole Production with the Predl Liner System

Predl Systems will provide local on-site or remote training for Precasters on certified equipment and correct procedures for producing concrete manhole structures with Predl Base, Wall, Cone, and Cover Liners.

Training will include the proper procedures for specifying standard or exact customer base liner configurations including inlet angles, elevation measurements, slope percentages, and pipe types and sizes. This enables the precaster to order a Manhole Base Liner with the correct inlet channel layout right from the start which results in substantial reductions in labor time and dollars.

C. Contractors

1. Plastic Joint Welding

At the joint where sections of the manhole structure meet, for a permanent watertight seal, Predl Systems recommends using cap strips (3mm thick X 100mm high) around the entire inside diameter of the lined manhole, sealed with a hot extrusion plastic weld for a watertight, durable seal top and bottom. This is critical for eliminating groundwater infiltration and essential in maintaining the impervious barrier between the sewer effluent and the concrete to prevent corrosion due to hydrogen sulfide acid.

Predl Systems provides training for municipal employees and/or third party contractors in the professional welding methods that are certified by Predl Systems to produce secure and durable lined manhole joints. Training includes recommending the best equipment, materials, and procedures for hot extrusion welding. Training may be delivered in the field at the construction or rehabilitation site, at a local facility or remotely by webcam online.

In some instances sealing joints with cap strips and top and bottom extrusion welds is not practically possible. Turnback joints maybe specified at the time of ordering the Base and/or Wall Liner section(s). It is recommended that when sealing turnback joints that the contractor use Butyl Sealant, a blended formulation of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene, to seal FRP/PP and PP/PP plastic joints. This method of sealing horizontal plastic joints meets or exceeds the standards of ASTM C 1131.

2. Project Consulting & Field Supervision

Predl Systems, at times (when a municipality, precaster, or contractor is working with Predl Liner System products or practices for the first time or under unique challenging circumstances) upon request, will provide contracted professional field services to supervise or support the successful implementation of the project.