Liner Systems

Predl’s Liner System is a leading edge solution for concrete corrosion in manholes due to hydrogen sulfide acid (H2S). The thermoplastic liners install a permanent barrier that isolates the concrete structure from the sanitary sewer effluent. The benefits of Predl Manhole Liners are proven in 1.5 million Base Liner installations worldwide including nearly 50,000 since 1988 in North America. The Liners meet and exceed the specified requirements of most municipal sanitary and wastewater sewer utilities. Concrete protective liners from Predl are easy to install, safe to maintain and effective at preventing or repairing the corrosive effects of H2S gas. Predl’s Liner System includes pipe specific Bell connections; superior watertight compression gaskets; and effective joint seals to successfully control Inflow & Infiltration. The maintenance-free advantage of Predl Liners makes the total cost of ownership very low for the design life of the sewer collection system.