Predl Online

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Predl Online is a centrally resourced professional service with the purpose to provide municipal representatives and/or precasters with an opportunity to become introduced to Predl Liner System products and to complete any due diligence that may be required before deciding to specify Predl’s Liner System.

The meetings are also an opportunity for Predl Systems to learn about the design, operations, maintenance requirements and challenges of the municipality’s sanitary and wastewater sewage collection system. Municipal representatives are invited to securely upload DWG drawings for professional review by Predl. Designers and Precasters may download on demand PDF drawings, product brochures, project briefs, and video content.

Designers and precasters who are registered with Predl may download native AutoCad DWG drawings and other proprietary information about Predl products and municipalities that sole source Predl liners to prevent corrosion in their manhole structures. Our intention is to provide municipal engineers and precasters with an online digital resource to make your work with Predl Systems secure, productive and as efficient as possible.

Predl Online provides online private conferences and public webinar services. Go To Meeting audio/video group conferencing is used for demonstrations. Collaborative work between Predl and the municipality is enabled with leading edge Smart Technologies’ interactive whiteboard with digital ink that enables sharing free-form drawings in real-time, or annotations to existing drawings or documents that can be captured, saved, and shared with anyone by email within seconds. Predl Online is a constructive and productive way for Predl Systems, municipalities, and precasters to work together to design and deliver the most effective solutions for manhole structures in sanitary and wastewater sewer collection systems in an extremely cost effective timely manner.