Geneva Lined Sanitary Sewer Products now Available for Municipal Use in North America

Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company, lined manhole systems are now available in North America. Previously available in Europe, our manhole liners and integrated manhole systems are manufactured with FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) manhole base liners and PP (Polypropylene) manhole liners.

Geneva Pipe and Precast’s recent acquisition of the liner technology revolutionizes the sanitary sewer market by incorporating the liner with our quality custom or standard specified precast manhole components manufactured in our ASTM-certified facilities. Known for producing high-performing and long-lasting precast components, Geneva is transforming municipal wastewater systems. The innovative design provides corrosion protection, reduces field welds, connects to most existing systems, and is now made in the United States.

In addition to lined products, Geneva Pipe and Precast manufactures a full line of precast concrete products, including reinforced concrete pipe, manholes, catch basins, vaults, and curb inlets.