Business Model

Predl Systems will work directly with municipal jurisdictions anywhere in North America towards specifying Predl manhole Liner System products in their Municipal Sanitary and Wastewater Sewer System standards and specifications.  Professional due diligence is conducted directly between Predl Systems and the municipalities’ engineering and/or planning departments.  Predl Systems resources include professional engineering and civil design staff services who can document recommended solutions to address manhole and collection system challenges.  Predl Systems will provide all required custom and standard engineering PDF and DWG file format drawings.

After a municipality has specified Predl Base Liners or complete Liner Systems as the sole source manhole liner requirement a contractor will bid for the construction project.   The local Predl Certified Precaster will provide the contractor with all necessary costs to supply the finished custom or standard lined concrete manhole structure accurately installed as specified.  The winning contractor submits the order for the Predl lined manhole structure to the local certified precaster who in turn purchases the specified liner(s) from Predl Systems.